„Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke


What we do:

  • adaptation, production preparation and the supervision during the print of any kind of packagings;
  • creation, adaptations and production preparation of POS materials, job printing, non-standard printing;
  • design and print preparation of press advertisements, backlights, billboards etc., supervision of the design and execution as well as printing processes;
  • collecting, distributing and archiving of graphics; consulting services regarding printing and prepress technology;
  • digital proofing, calibrations and trainings regarding CMS (colour management);
  • preparing websites in HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and MySQL technology;
  • dealing with orders regarding photography in advertising;
  • electronic assembly;
  • mockups preparation;
  • 3D visualizations;
  • 3D animations and films editing;
  • dealing with untypical orders regarding advertising and printing.

We provide:

  • our own FTP server, 10Mbits internet connection ensures a quick exchange of data between the studio and a client;
  • a rigorous internal quality control;
  • the support of the in-house developed system Task Manager whose task is the management of orders, pre-tender cost estimates and invoices.

Proof & CMS:

  • digital proofing with preset ICC profiles and proof colour verification;
  • calculating ICC profiles;
  • colourimetric measurments.
The team of our employees, consisting of creative people educated in printing, graphic, IT or marketing, allows to complete the projects that many times are very complex. Our knowledge, long-term experience and skills guarantee a high quality and competitive prices of our services.

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