„Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke


KAR-graf graphic studio has been on the market since 1995. At the beginning of our business activity, we were taking care of the offset prepress for one of the Warsaw’s printing houses. At the same time, by cooperating with the masters of photo reproduction, retouch and printing, we gained knowledge of printing art techniques. For, although the most of the current computer DTP specialists tend to forget about it, our work is just a small step in the printing process. At the very beginning, one should account for limitations and specificity of the particular printing.

As the market develops, we broaden our portfolio: from the projects demanding creativity, through the functional printing’s computer typesetting to the printing preparation and supervision during the packaging production process. Particulary, as far as the last field is concerned, ten years of working with our clients, have resulted in gathering an extensive knowledge of almost every step of the production- from the marketing strategy to the finished packaging on the store shelf.

To maintain a high quality of our service, we keep updating our equipment base, investing in more efficient graphic stations as well as up-to-date, fully legal software. As the number of our clients and orders grows, we increase the number of the experienced employees, who, for us, are no less important than the equipment. As we deal with a significant amount of the technologically advanced projects, we really appreciate the facilitation brought by the introduction of the project’s colour confirmation control at each stage of work. CMS, colour calibration, proofing – we are familiar with these concepts.

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